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solo woman entrepreneur in red coat on the beach

for SIngles, solopreneurs & Freelancers

90-minute Workshop

Thursday, January 27th

12pm-130pm PT / 3pm-430pm ET

Limited to 20 spots


The best networking you can do while having a blast!

Remember what it felt like to do something spontaneous with people you've just met?

This is a new kind of networking event.


Something to let loose, be creative and have fun...with zero expectations for the outcome.

Be lead thru fun, easy improv games and exercises that will have you feeling good, feeling a little challenged, and filling up your endorphin supply with laughter.

At the center of improv is empathy and connection.

By listening and being present, you can support each other and quickly create connections with people with whom you have never met or worked with before.

We will also take time to connect and reflect on the experience and learnings as we go.


A few of the endless benefits of improv:

  • Embracing the unknown

  • Creating from nothing (or very little)

  • Becoming more empathetic

  • Better listening skills

  • Learn how to get out of your own way

  • Improved confidence in being open to having difficult conversations 

  • IT’s FUN! 


The workshop is fully interactive. 

Sorry no observers, everyone has to have some skin in the game :)


No previous experience needed.

Come with an open mind and ready to play! 

Being funny is not a requirement. 

Sign up here.

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To target specific challenges with your team and see how improv could help, schedule a consultation here to discuss customized workshops. 

If you are interested in both improv & photography,
you can schedule a discovery call here.


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