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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q Where are you located?
We are in downtown Philadelphia, location is shared once booking is made AND we also can come to you, enquire about this if you are interested in that option.

Q I’m ready to book, how do I pay?
a During your consultation we'll set aside the dates relevant to your workshop, photoshoot, or event and send you an invoice right then, or shortly after. 50% of the invoice is due as a non-refundable deposit to reserve the dates and the remainder is due before any work begins. You can pay by credit or debit card or bank transfer. A Pennsylvania/Philadelphia sales tax of 8% will added to relevant invoices.

Q What is your cancellation policy?

a Need to reschedule or (gulp) cancel? We understand. Here's our policy:

- Before one week of your scheduled event: You can reschedule for no charge, but please be aware that cancellations will be charged a non-refundable 50% of your total invoice.

- Within one week of your scheduled event: Rescheduling will result in an additional charge of 50% of your total invoice, and cancellation will result in a charge of 100% of your total invoice.

Improv + Photography Questions

Q Improv + photography, Huh?

A This combination will transform your team and your people and will make you look like a great leader. I was doing both team training with improv and photography for individuals and a light bulb went off over my head, and I realized they both had the potential to be transformative experiences. Photography is actually part of helping teams come together and helping people feel confident about who they are on the team and feel valued. Improv allows teams to experience FUN and vulnerability together and ultimately build confidence and trust in one another.

Q When is the right time to combine Improv and Photography?
A Employees perform at a higher level when they feel seen and experience psychological safety in their work environments. Leaders who want to create this culture, understand there is power in being seen through someone else’s eyes and there is power in seeing through someone else’s eyes. The combination of improv and photography is a great way do both.


Q Can I book just an Improv or Photo session by itself, without the combo?
A Yes. For Teams, check out photography for teams here and for improv for team here. For Individuals, photography here, and improv here. 

Improv Questions

Q What’s so hot about improv?

The "Yes And" rule may be responsible for creating a safe space to embrace uncertainty. That feeling of being connected with your fellow team members and feel like you can be bolder? Become a person who realizes they can make bigger choices and have more bolder moments and feel safe to dare more.


Q Do I have to act like a chicken? Am I going to end up embarrassing myself?

A Most people find themselves more resilient to the feelings of embarrassment after practicing improv because they start to see things as opportunities rather than a failure for not fitting in. Success in improv lies in everyone’s willingness to be vulnerable and commit to each other. So if someone acts like a chicken and you join them, suddenly it’s a scene about these two chickens and not about one person feeling alone and embarrassed. 


What’s the point of this, is this really necessary?

We have to figure out how to be a community, a pack and get reconnected because the other side of it is not being human. Learning how to be with others again is vital.

Is it true that improv is good for the brain?

New neuroscience evidence points to improv as a potential trauma treatment. (source: psychology today)

Q Do I have to shoot photos after taking an improv session?

A No

Photography Questions

Q What kind of photography do you do?
A We offer headshots / portraits, day in the life / journalistic style, lifestyle and conceptual photoshoots.

A portrait is headshot plus story telling so it has more versatility and is deeper and more soulful. Day in the life / journalistic is a butterfly on the wall, in and around the action, more raw, less fuss. Lifestyle is day in the life with a lot of preplanning, where props, location, style, art direction and mood are all considered. Conceptual is a collaborative process of creating something together that could be any of the styles; lifestyle, journalistic or portrait, with a strong visual idea, inspiration, wink,  or expression of you.

Q What is a pre-production meeting?

A This meeting is to prepare you and the team for your photoshoot.  You will meet on zoom with the photographer to go through the options you are considering to wear for the photoshoot. We may make recommendations for different or additional options and will go over what you need to bring with you to your photoshoot. We will discuss shot lists and style of photography we will be shooting.

Q What is a style guide?

A After you’ve booked a session with us, we will send you a pdf with some suggestions and ideas on how to get prepared for your photoshoot. We also go over this in your preproduction meeting.

Q How many looks do I get? 
A We don’t limit the number of clothing changes you can make. Depending on what we are doing, we recommend having 5 options with you on set and plan to use 2-3.

Q What is a Personal Groomer?
A A groomer is hair and makeup light. You arrive hair and makeup ready and they will complete the look to make sure you look your best for your close up. If you are interested in more robust hair and makeup, including multiple look options, we can book a hair & makeup artist for an additional fee.

Q Can I do my own hair and makeup?
A Yes, but there is no change in the price and we won’t do retouching. We provide professional level artists because they understand lighting and what works and doesn’t for what we are shooting. This means you look great on film, and we have minimal retouching to do to fix hair/makeup coloring issues that can arise when working with less experienced artists.

Q Do I get to see all the photos?

A At the end of your session if there is time, we may take you thru all the images or we will edit out the blinkers, blunders and bleaker ones and share only the best ones during our scheduled reveal session. It is at the descretion of the photographer whether you see your images during the session.


Q Are my photos touched up?

A It really depends on the style of the shoot and what was discussed during the consultation and pre-production meeting. In most cases we do minimal retouching to blemishes or the random fly away hair, and do color correction and cropping as needed. We want you to look like you! But some of our shoots are conceptual and we may do more work in those instances. 

Q Can I order prints?
Yes! If you plan to get prints, discuss this during your consultation or pre-production meeting at the very latest to give us an idea of sizes and where you plan to display them and we can take it into consideration while we are shooting and go over pricing. You can still order prints even if you didn't bring it up with us until you saw them!


Q Is there a watermark on my final digital files?

A no

Who owns the copyright? Am I allowed to use these images anywhere?

A The copyright belongs to the photographer, and you pay for a license to use the images. The license will depend on the contract. In most instances, Usage License Rights granted Includes use of images for business promotion, internal, pr, social media, web. Editorial usage with byline credit. Advertising and Publishing rights use not included. Fee and terms must be negotiated prior to use. 

Q Do I have to do improv with you before I can do a photography session?

A No


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