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Virtual Improv Happy Hour for corporate team connection and empathy building

team morale-boosting. energizing.

For groups of 15 or less / up to 100

60 minutes 

Open booking

$250 / $350

Create winning chemistry for your team or group.

Spontaneous, spur of the moment interactions are in short supply, everyone could use a little zing in the form of interactive, bonding, fun in their normal work week.

  • Be lead through fun, easy improv games to blow off steam, let go & play together

  • Share lots of laughs, & get that ‘hang out after work vibe’ going again

  • Get your team feeling closer & see improvement to important basics like effective communication and listening.


Improvisation aids in improving mental flexibility and adaptability.


Play is vital for creativity and it also silences our inner critic which occupies a different region of the brain.


Saying yes to someone else's offer, and, adding to it before you know where you are going, is play, is improv.


The Inner critic is a survival instinct that keeps us from being spontaneous.


You know, the instinct which tells you to play it safe and say no, until you understand it logically and have a measured response?

During this workshop, participants will be led through a series of fun games and exercises which practice resilience, adaptability, listening and collaborating in different ways.

  • The workshop is fully interactive and participation is required. 

  • Encourage your team to come with an open mind and ready to play! 

  • No previous experience needed.

  • Funny Not Required.

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If you are facing specific challenges with your team and see how improv

could help, schedule a consultation here to discuss customized workshops. 

If you are interested in both improv & photography,
you can schedule a discovery call here.


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