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Improv + photography

The ultimate combo!


Life is one big Improv, so
you might as well learn to play.


Show the world your best self.

Improv + Photography for teams


 Silver Package 
Team Rejuvenation

Get your team reconnected, boost their motivation, and get that team morale going to empower everyone to be their best both as individuals and team members. 


With our Team Rejuvenation Workshop, your team will learn how and why Improv is THE great tool for communication, they’ll add new tools to their collaborative tool kits, discover where they have room to grow as individuals, increase their resilience in the face of challenges, get in sync with one another, and have some serious fun doing it!


Then, after everyone is loosened up and feeling open, we'll take headshots when everyone is at their best. We’ll capture their most confident, collaborative versions of their authentic selves, and they’ll be delighted in what they see and how they feel about themselves when they see their newfound strengths staring back at them in a beautiful photograph. (And you’ll look like a great leader—because great leaders do things like this for their teams). 


Our Silver Package for Teams Includes:​

  • 2-hour Improv Workshop in the morning at your location

  • Afternoon Headshot Photoshoot of each person

  • On-Set Groomer

  • 1 Final Headshot of Each Team Member

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 GOLD Package 
In this expansive workshop, your team will take part in a series of improv exercises interspersed with short personal and group reflections. Activities have been carefully selected and sequenced to help build and exercise everyone’s ‘vulnerability muscles.’


Participants of this workshop often report a feeling of increased confidence to take more personal risks, feeling safer when being vulnerable with others, being better and more emotionally attuned listeners, and being more open to giving and receiving honest feedback.

After an impactful Improv session, we'll then artfully and strategically photograph your team in their natural habitat to tell a deeper story. We’ll come in for a few days and do a journalistic-style photoshoot as people go about their normal workday, producing images that can be used in a wide range of applications, including websites, social media, blogs, LinkedIn, and even news articles.


Our Gold Package for Teams Includes:

  • 2-Hour Improv Workshop (Virtual or In Person)

  • Journalistic-style photography of your team.

  • Collection of imagery of your team in action.

  • Group Photo of the Team


 platinum Package 
GorgeousLeadershipInside & Out.
We'll work with you to develop a custom package that includes elements of both Improv and photography that fits your needs, timeline, and budget for your team, and we'll compliment it with customized portrait sessions for each member of your leadership team that will have them feeling seen and heralded for their strengths and contributions. The sky’s the limit!


With our Platinum Package for Teams, the sky’s the limit, but some possibilities include:
  • Customized Improv Workshop

  • Customized C-Suite Photoshoots

  • Day-in-the-Life / Journalistic style Photography

  • Hair and Makeup, Personal Styling and Prop Stylist 

  • Environment / Location
    (We’ll meet you at your boat if you want.)

  • Portfolio of Images of your leadership team for use in promotion of the business.

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