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How you see yourself matters.

Learn to shine your inner beauty.


Learn invaluable life skills,
and have fun doing it.

Improv + photography

The ultimate charisma powerbooster!

Photography for Individuals

& Headshot

Come to the photographer's studio and get some excellent images that you are proud to say represents the real, confident, awesome you.

Some things you can get:

  • Professional Groomer

  • Unlimited clothing changes

  • Simple backgrounds

  • 1 Final image, includes basic editing.

  • Option to purchase additional images.


Curious to know more? 

   Portrait &
Day in the
 Life Sessions

Imagine having amazing imagery that captures your day-to-day essence exactly as you would like to be seen. A poetic series of pictures that not only show who you are, but how you are.
Environmental portraits are journalistic in nature. The photographer is like a butterfly on the wall and captures authentic moments and interactions. Having an archive of such imagery allows you to tell a defining, rich story whenever you need. 

With this Session some options are:

  • A Discovery Process to discover the story we want to tell

  • Professional Hair / Makeup artist on set

  • Set up portrait in your environment

  • Journalistic-Style Photos of you in action

  • Shots with the products you are working with,
    in your environment and those you encounter along the day. 

  • Unlimited clothing changes.

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