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Notes from Creative Mornings with Simon Sinek

A couple fridays ago, Simon Sinek spoke at the Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo. The topic was How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action-based on his book Start With Why.

I just found the notes I jotted down from the talk and I wanted to share them. These are my paraphrased notes and what I took away from the morning. He also has a very inspiring TED Talk which you can watch when you are looking to be inspired.

My Take Away Notes:

-The feeling for fulfillment comes from doing good for others.

-The only way you will survive bootcamp (story about the marines) is to learn to ask for help from others and the only way to get help is to help others.

-You have to have self-confidence in yourself and your ability before you can help someone else and before someone else will help you.

– Do more with what you have-Celebrate what you have, Don’t criticize yourself for what you don’t have.

Regarding Management and Leadership of people who work for you.

-Make sure they understand their own strengths and talents

-Put them into situations they can fail and encourage them to do it again.

-Do little things for others

-Reward effort, not the accomplishment of the goal

-With a clear destination you can more easily overcome obstacles because you see the effort is moving you closer to your goal.




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