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Stranger 8. Ibis.

Light was streaming down onto Ibis and her friend, who were sitting on the wall across from the hospital. They looked like old friends and Ibis had a look of curiosity about her and as I rode past her on my bike, we made eye contact. I turned around and introduced myself and told them about the project. Ibis was game, but her friend was not. She had a sweet smile and gentle eyes and I was glad I stopped.

Some Stats:

Name: Ibis M Lopez Agosto

Age: 67

Photographed in: Central Philadelphia

Lives in: North Philadelphia

Occupation: Retired. Was a First Grade teacher in Puerto Rico.

Some Questions.

1. It could be said that life is one big improvisation. Where in your day today have you had to improvise?

Ibis: I just go one day at a time.

Kat: That sounds like a very Zen approach to life. Do you find when things don't go according to plan, you don't get stressed out, you just go with it?

I: I get stressed out but I just got to go with it.

2. What is your hidden talent?

I: I like to bake regular box cakes. And I like to read about and learn about nails. I like to Google everything, save it and then read it and try to do it. I always liked them.

3. What inspires you today?

I: I just came from the doctor and I just had a bad news...something in my liver but I'm okay. I'm blessed.

K: Something must inspire you to have that attitude?

I: We have a saying, I don't know how to say in English, I'm like a clown I laugh, I do jokes and everything but...

K: The face of a clown, but you're sad inside?

I: Yes

K: I'm sorry about your news.

I: Thank you.

4. How do you feel about being photographed and why?

I: I love being photographed, I don't care. You know, sometimes I look at my photos and say wow! I was like this, I was like that. Now look at my hair. I used to do my hair.

5. What piece of advice have you heard that you use or think about most often?

I: Don't stress, don't stress out. Take one day at a time.

6. What is something you believe but cannot prove?

I: I just got to live one day at a time.




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