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How you see yourself matters.

Learn to shine your inner beauty.


Learn invaluable life skills,
and have fun doing it.

Improv + photography

The ultimate charisma powerbooster!

Improv + Photography for individuals

From Awkward...
to Awesome.

A Transformative
8-week Improv Journ
with Pictures to Prove

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will boost your confidence, sharpen your communication skills, and leave you with a stunning professional headshot that truly captures your essence.


From Awkward… to Awesome is our exciting and effective 8-week improv course designed to help you break free from self-doubt, connect with others on a deeper level, and discover the fearless individual within. 

Your personal transformation journey started long before this class, so to capture the full arc of your metamorphosis, we ask you to provide a childhood photo of your preference (any childhood age will do), we’ll then couple that with a headshot we shoot at the beginning of the 8 weeks, and then round things out with a final shoot at the end of the course. Collectively, the three images will help tell a deep and authentic story of your personal transformation journey that will give perspective, build confidence, and help set your course for success.

Our 8-week Course Includes:
  • Eight in-person improv classes
  • A 1-hour virtual workshop with a professional Stylist
  • Headshot taken at the beginning of class and a Photoshoot of you at the end of class*
  • Optional On-Set Groomer
  • One New Headshot for use as you please (LinkedIn, personal website, dating sites, social media, etc.)


*Photoshoot dates: 

Sunday, September 24th and Sunday, December 3rd.


Course Schedule:

Tuesday, Sept 26th - Nov 28th

(NOTE: no class on the third Tuesdays of the month!)

Time: 7-9pm
Location:  1901 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA

Cost: $695

Space is Limited, so reserve your spot today!


Awkward to Awesome


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