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How you see yourself matters.

Learn to shine your inner beauty.


Learn invaluable life skills,
and have fun doing it.

Improv + photography

The ultimate charisma powerbooster!

Improv for Individuals
*Being funny is not a requirement, and no previous experience needed.

The Improv Playground.

5 Saturdays of Fun.

CLASS Details

Saturdays, 1115am-115pm

February 3 - March 2nd

1901 Washington Ave

Philadelphia, PA 

Limited to 12 spots


Ever wish you could fast-forward to the fun part of life? Well, consider your wish granted! Welcome to "The Improv Playground: 5 Saturdays of Fun" – the place where laughter takes the lead and spontaneity reigns supreme.


Dive into the hilarious world of improv, no experience needed—just bring your enthusiasm and get ready to laugh, play, and discover your inner improv superstar.

What to Expect:

  • Playful Games: Think of it like adult recess—interactive games that'll have you laughing in no time.

  • No Scripts: We're tossing out the scripts and making it up as we go. It's like magic, but with more giggles.



  • Spontaneity: Learn the art of saying "Yes, and..." and watch your creativity skyrocket.

  • Team Fun: Join a community of fellow fun-seekers as we navigate improv challenges together.

Why Join?

  • Zero Pressure: No performances, no audience—just five Saturdays of stress-free fun!

  • What else are you going do to blow away the gloomy days of February

  • Surprise Yourself: You'll be amazed at what unfolds when you let loose and go with the flow.​

Ready to break free from the ordinary? Join "Improv Playground" and let the good times roll. 


weekly Laugh break.

Class Details

Tuesdays, 3-4pm ET

Virtual on Zoom

Limited to 10 people


Get a random infusion of fun in your week. Every week we offer one drop in Improv class for anyone who needs it. Maybe you've never tried Improv and are curious, or you want to stay fresh and keep practicing—either way, it's going to be a good time.

Each week our drop-in workshop includes:

  • Being led through different warm ups and exercises

  • Loosening up your brain

  • Practicing getting comfortable speaking up

  • Gentle coaching to help you get out of your head

  • Laughing, feeling supported and refreshed. (And more laughing.)

Class size varies and content is adjusted based on attendance.​

Come open & curious. Being funny is not a requirement.

No previous experience needed.

Everyone present must participate—no observers.

Improv playground


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