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How you see yourself matters.

Learn to shine your inner beauty.


Learn invaluable life skills,
and have fun doing it.

Improv + photography

The ultimate charisma powerbooster!

Improv for Individuals
*Being funny is not a requirement, and no previous experience needed.

Network Schmetwork
An Improv Soirée

These days, connecting with others IRL can feel daunting. Improv can help.

Join us at Network Schmetwork, a dynamic meetup event designed
exclusively for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs
(and we see you, singles).

Experience the power of improv as we break the ice, play fun games, and collaborate on impromptu stories that lead to surprisingly good results. 

Elevate your networking skills, boost your confidence, and forge
meaningful bonds with total strangers in a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere. After the workshop, stick around to meet with one another and practice
your new skills.

Being funny is not a requirement, but it will likely happen. No previous experience needed whatsoever. ​

Come with an open mind and be ready to play!

​Sign up today to unleash your creativity and make valuable connections at Network Schmetwork. Space is limited, so get in while you can.


Event Details

September 6th

Philadelphia, PA

Check in time: 6pm

90-minute Workshop + post workshop networking.

Limited to 40 spots


Drop ins.

Need a random infusion of fun in your week? Well, we have good news: every week we offer one drop in Improv class for anyone who needs it. Maybe you've never tried Improv and are curious, or you want to stay fresh and keep practicing—either way, it's going to be a good time.

Each week our drop in workshop includes:

• Being led through different warm ups and exercises

• Loosening up your brain

• Practicing getting comfortable speaking up

• Gentle coaching to help you get out of your head

• Laughing, feeling supported and refreshed. (And more laughing.)

Class size varies and content is adjusted based on attendance.​

Come open & curious. Being funny is not a requirement. No previous experience needed. And everyone present must participate—no observers.


Tuesdays, 12-1pm PT / 3-4pm ET

Limited to 20 people




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