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Regardless of your industry, our capacity to adapt to change matters. A Lot.

So, how do YOU have to shift to achieve everything you want?


We now live in an empathy  economy. 

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We are living in a different era.

70s        products
90s        products+services
00s        customer centric
today     relationship centric

source: Medium

7 in 10 employers globally say they are struggling to find workers with the right mix of technical skills and human capabilities.

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Innovation is stifled
at the source.

Engaged, motivated workers look for opportunities to improve the way things are done, identifying unseen intersections that drive enhanced innovation.

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40% of the global worksforce considered leaving their employer this year.

Workers who know they are viewed as commodities, however, are not likely to be engaged and motivated, damaging an organization’s competitiveness as a result.

source: Deloitte

So how are companies creating desirable workplaces and thriving?

in employee education

Employees view training as an investment in their worth and a powerful incentive to stay at the company. 

source: Forbes

Workers are loyal to established companies that invest in talent

  • company resilience

  • career growth

  • positive environment

  • business stability

  • strong leadership

source: HBR


Google + Improv

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

What is the common thread?

They are doing things differently to empower employees
to do their best work.

But how?

Seeing and being seen
and understanding and
being understood
are critical needs
we all have.

Employees perform
at a higher level
when they feel seen
& experience
psychological safety
in their work environments.

intact team participating in skills for a feedback rich culture improv workshop

There is value in creating a culture where open dialogue, exchange of ideas and critique are the norm.

But How?

How might you create a culture where employees shine and do their best work?

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There is power in seeing through someone else’s eyes.

There is power in being seen through someone else’s eyes.

There is power in having an image that reflects who we are and how we see ourselves.

But How?

Welcome to a new way
to build employee engagement and retention:

"We See you"
team Culture workshops


Workshop: Team-Morale Boosting Energizing improv hour

HEADSHOT photography
Get your team connected and their brains warmed up before a bigger brainstorm or ideation session.

Get team headshots that allow them to feel seen, boost morale and empower them to do their best work.


  • 60 Minute Workshop (Virtual or In Person)
  • On-Set Groomer
  • 20 Minute Photo Session Per Person at Your Offices
  • 1 New Headshot of Each Team Member

*photos can be done on the same day as the workshop or you can book them for a separate day.
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Workshop: Skills for Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture

Day in the life of your team Photography

Team photo Artifact
Participants will take part in a series of improv exercises, interspersed with short personal and group reflections. Activities have been carefully selected and sequenced to help build and exercise ‘vulnerability muscles.’

After the workshop, participants typically report increased confidence at taking more personal risks, feeling safer when vulnerable, being better and more emotionally attuned listeners, and being more open to giving and receiving honest feedback.


Then, we'll photograph your team and help tell a much richer story.

We'll capture photos of your teams together with the products they are working on, not just the posed (1-2-3 cheese ...), class-photo style group pictures where everyone is nicely lined up facing the camera, but also photos that show the team in action in their natural habitat.


We come in for a few days and do a reportage / photoshoot when people go about their normal workday and you can use the images for: 

News articles, LinkedIn, company websites, internal project progress reports, blogs, social media.


  • 2 Hour Workshop (Virtual or In Person)

  • Reportage Day in the Life style photography of your team.

  • Collection of imagery of your team in action
  • Group Photo of the Team


Workshop: Fully customized leadership workshop

Day of photography for c-suite portraits

we'll create a custom experience for a day they'll never forget.
​We are about creating a culture where open dialogue, exchange of ideas and critique are the norm.

Through experience and reflection get team leaders to appreciate the benefits of the improv workshop, understand why & how it works, and how it fits within the broader set of methods for creating a feedback-rich / psychologically safe environment.

  • Customized Improv Workshop
  • Customized C-Suite Photoshoot
  • Hair and Makeup, Personal Styling and  Prop Stylist 
  • Environment / Location (
    We’ll meet you at your boat if you want.)
  • Portfolio of Images
Female Custom suit fitting with designer


Kat is a thoughtful, brilliant, purposeful designer whose breadth of ability, application and execution is truly inspiring.


I've worked with her on many project types.


Most recently an offsite to inspire and spark core passion projects within my team.


She lead our kick off portion of the meeting through a series of improv inspired exercises that reinforced our supportive environment, unearthed our passions, invigorated brainstorming, and ultimately lead to a strong planning session.


We will forever remember and reference the red ball:)

Leslie Shortt

Chief Marketing Officer
Ankrom Moisan Architects


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