Who do you want the world to meet? 


Do your photos reflect the best version of you?


When you show up, is it your best self?

improv Facilitator & consultant


 Are you the   last person 
 to realize   how amazing 
 you are? 

©Katarina KojicA-015maybestock-2.jpg

 When do 
 the full you? 


 Is your humility   getting in the way   of your success? 

“Photography & improv?”,
you might be thinking...

The way I see it, we have all this wonderful, juicy, interesting stuff inside of us that needs to be brought out for the world to see.


Especially if we need the world to see who we really are in order to get our message across, tell our story, connect with loved ones, or if we’re a personal brand.


This is your gorgeousness.


Your gorgeousness is the energy of what makes you unique and beautiful on the inside manifested on the outside, presented for the world to see.


It’s what draws people to you. Where beauty sits on the outside, gorgeous comes from within and becomes beautiful. And compelling. Ah, yes, compelling. What makes you gorgeous is irresistible.


As a first generation American and youngest child of a Serbian father and German mother, I was always looking for the quirky character traits in my surroundings.


It’s what drew me to street photography, art direction, graphic design and improv comedy.

The juxtaposition of beauty and humor is captivating to me because the truth is, we all have all these parts of ourselves.


Looking back, hours of staring at old photos of family members from a foreign land made me insatiably curious. Playing dress up as a little girl allowed me to explore the expressions of the different characters within me. Always a story waiting to be told.


It’s the details that tell the story which make it relatable, truthful, funny, intriguing and gorgeous.


It’s how an image or a story is framed, cropped, structured and presented that tells the story you want to share. This is how to bring out someone’s gorgeousness.


I have found photography and improv to be the two best ways to do that.


Kaah-tAah-ree-naah   Ko-yeeeCH


Katarina Kojic

Photo taken by Suzanna Tharian


Kat is a thoughtful, brilliant, purposeful designer whose breadth of ability, application and execution is truly inspiring.


I've worked with her on many project types.


Most recently an offsite to inspire and spark core passion projects within my team.


She lead our kick off portion of the meeting through a series of improv inspired exercises that reinforced our supportive environment, unearthed our passions, invigorated brainstorming, and ultimately lead to a strong planning session.


We will forever remember and reference the red ball:)

Leslie Shortt

Chief Marketing Officer
Ankrom Moisan Architects


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