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Day 15 of Love

I passed Greg reading on his front steps in Long Island City. He was born Jewish, then in ’81 the year he moved to NY, he converted to Islam with his brother-in-law and sister and then in ’91 he joined the Church of Christ in Long Island City. The church is mostly Filipino and considers itself the True Religion. We had a long conversation about religion, mainly I wanted to understand what he was getting out of one religion that he wasn’t getting out of another. What does it bring to his daily life. After quoting and siting many different biblical passages, my only real understanding of what it is for him, is that he believes his religion has more proof of being the true religion than the others.

Name: Greg Age: 61 Profession: Presently unemployed. Formerly Porter / Doorman Nationality / Origin: Grew up in Pittsburg, moved to NY in ’81- Grandfather Russian Jew, Mom’s parents Polish.

Are you in a relationship? Yes I’m married. How/where did you meet? At Church. I’m no longer Jewish. I belong to the Church of Christ, just down the street. (In LIC) You have to marry within the church. When did you meet? In 2000, we married in 2001 How long have you been together? 12 years What is your favorite thing about her? She’s a very kind-hearted person.

I really love it when…”She cooks me breakfast. (Oh boy that doesn’t sound very good. We better watch Hope Springs Eternal.)” ©Katarina Kojic

Why is she important to you: She’s my wife, the focus of my life outside of God and Christ. What does love mean to you? Love is… That’s kind of a cliché question isn’t it? Okay. Not being alone. Which I was for most of my life.


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