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Day 12 of Love

Brotherly Love

Alex & John

I didn’t need to be in Philly, the city of brotherly love, to find a good example of brotherly love. I just needed to ride past a random group of three guys standing around talking at the corner of 37th and Park.

After a busy day, heading home on my bike last night, I wondered who I could meet today for the project. I passed these three youngish guys, and quickly calculated the odds of them being relative strangers to each other, great friends, or possibly brothers. In the end, I decided, it didn’t matter at all. It would be interesting to get their perspective on Love even if they were relative strangers to each other.

I asked what their relationship was to each other. John and Alex were brothers (yeah!) and the third guy was someone they met recently thru an interview process. I put my bike to the side and got my camera ready. John said that while he wanted to help with my project, it had already been a long day and could I just take photos of the other two… I hadn’t mentioned the love part of the project yet, mainly because I thought 3 guys who were strangers to each other may not want to answer questions on love in front of each other. But now that I had brothers, I had to try! I promised it would only take a few minutes. The third guy was relieved I wanted to focus on brothers and Alex said they could give the photo to mom–this was the clincher! You can’t say no to a photo with your brother for mom!

For love of mom. Thanks guys! ©Katarina Kojic

Name: Alex / John Age: 26 / 24 Profession: Financial Analyst / Financial Analyst Nationality / Origin: Virginians

Relationship to each other: Brothers What is your favorite thing about Alex: His curiosity What is your favorite thing about John: Very constructively critical in a way that makes you a better person. I really love it when… Alex is on time I really love it when… John passes the ball to me at the top of the key for an open 3 in a basketball game. Why is Alex important to you: He’s one of the few people who would be there no matter what the situation. Why is John important to you: He’s my brother and the best friend anyone could ask for. (John) Love is…always fun (An update from John: “I’m not sure why I said love is always fun. That’s not what it is at all. To me, love is being happy b/c someone else is happy.”) (Alex) Love is…happiness


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