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Day 11 of Love

Love of Art.

I met Marcelo & Sara and their cool musical installation in Cooper Square. They were doing maintenance, tightening screws and bolts here and there. The installation is right in front of the big black cube which turns when you push on it. Because of this, many people try to turn the larger wheel of their instruments.

You play the instrument by turning the handle inside of the wheel which causes a rubber flap to smack against the 8 pvc pipes creating music with an 8 count beat. The installation is only up for 2 weeks, and this Saturday they will attach a bike to the front so you can pedal out the music. They received financial support from the DOT. At the end of two weeks, if they don’t find a taker for their instruments, they will be have to trash it. If you have a connection to the MOMA or PS1…

Name: Marcelo / Sara Age: 35 / 31 Profession: Architect & Sound installation artist / Architect & Sound installation artist Nationality or Origin: Venezuelan / Venezuelan Relationship to each other: Couple How/where did you meet: In Venezuela while studying architecture When did you meet? 8 years ago How long have you been together? 8 years What is your favorite thing about her? Her enthusiasm What is your favorite thing about him? His soul and creativity and energy, I could say more I really love it when she… Laughs I really love it when he… Waits for me (because he really doesn’t like to) Why is this installation important to you Marcelo? What do you call it? Temporary sound/art installations. We’ve been working for 3 years on this threshold between architecture and music and creating urban instruments. What are your goals? Just keep doing Why is this installation important to you Sara? Because it is something we really like to do. It fills the day with something good. It’s the beginning of a possible future. Love is…(from Marcelo) Patience, fun, joy… it’s many things. Love is…(From Sara) Many many things. Passion, sharing, admiring, respecting, understanding…

Cyclo-phone an urban musical instruments ©Katarina Kojic

Sara & Marcelo in front of one of their cyclo-phones. ©Katarina Kojic

This is how it works without the bike. ©Katarina Kojic

Maybe others will add their own beat to the music… ©Katarina Kojic


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