how you see yourself matters.

A great photo of oneself allows you to show your best self to the world—and to yourself.

Many folks are camera shy, and we get it. It's far too common to have less-than-flattering photos of ourselves, and subconsciously (and sometimes consciously), that can have a negative effect of how we see ourselves.

We believe professional portrait photography should be an additive experience. Not only in the final photos itself, but also in how you feel during the process. We want to give you a professional portrait that not only reflects your best self, but also an experience that leaves you feeling excited, empowered, and more confident than ever before.

But How?

1. Portraits for Teams & Individuals

We'll create a style that is consistent across the entire organization, reflecting your company's brand or "personality." 

We come to you for a day or two, set up my studio (including some grooming) and take professional individual portraits of the entire staff for use on:

LinkedIn, company websites, internal employee contact website, blogs, news articles, badges, business cards (do people still use those?).

2. Day in the Life of Your Team

We'll capture your team and help tell a much richer story.

We'll capture photos of your teams together with the products they are working on, not just the posed (1-2-3 cheese ...), class-photo style group pictures where everyone is nicely lined up facing the camera, but photos that show the team in action in their natural habitat.


We come in for a few days and do a reportage / photoshoot when people go about their normal workday and you can use the images for: 

News articles, LinkedIn, company websites, internal project progress reports, blogs, social media.

3. customized portraits & lifestyle photos

We all have more than one side to ourselves.

Get a portfolio of imagery that captures a range of who you are.


We'll create a mood board together, provide styling and hair and makeup and spend a day photographing you to capture a range of lifestyle and portrait photography that tells a rich story and you can use for:

News articles, LinkedIn, your company website, blogs, social media, pr, self promotion.


4. personal portraits

Celebrate yourself, love.


Whether it's a day in the life, a stylized photoshoot or simply a great headshot, you deserve to have photographs of yourself that are not taken from the end of a selfie stick. If you are ready to be seen and embrace this moment in your life,  our full and fun photoshoots will leave you feeling excited and empowered and your friends drooling over the beautiful art we make together.

Add an improv workshop to bring your team together.
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