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Our goal is to create an environment of psychological safety to allow individuals and teams to connect more effectively, feel confident to speak up with honest feedback and to create amazing portraits and headshots which reflect the strengths they feel when they are in their zone!

We work with professionals who are highly regarded in their field and bring  client-focussed care and empathy to the table. 

Projects may be
 elevated with co-facilitators, hair, makeup, stylists, assistants, editors... the right support team is assembled to ensure the best possible outcome for each project.


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Katarina kojic


For the last 12 years, working as a professional photographer, I have seen the usefulness of being adaptable and collaborative and using improv to put my clients at ease, make their experience enjoyable and fun while producing the work they need. My advertising background and years of experience as an art director and designer means I approach my projects with a 360 degree curiousity.

Member and former Vice President of the New York Chapter of the American Society of Media Photography.

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Photo by Thomas Donley

Kat Kojic

Improv Facilitator & Consultant

Improv is not about comedy, though there is a lot of laughter. It's not about being the quickest, though quicker wit may be revealed. It's not about knowing a lot of pop culture or even being the smartest person in the room. It's being so present you can understand and create something from nothing with another person, even if you don't speak the same language, metaphorically or figuratively.

Over the past 19 years, I have trained and performed with incredible people from the Groundlings, Second City, Improvolution, The Upright Citizens Brigade, The Pit, The Magnet, Improv Olympic, The Annoyance Theatre and Curious Comedy. 

What began as an interest in performance turned into a love of seeing the aha moment when people in all walks of life; teachers, therapists, people with Parkinsons, care givers, scientists, engineers... recognize a growth area for themselves and their team.


From people looking to improve their mood and stave off depression to people looking to become more effective leaders, financial companies, teams in healthcare systems, branding agencies... they all discovered how improv makes space for people to practice vulnerability and openness and uncover the skills of resilience and adaptability in a really fun and engaging way.


I work as an improv consultant to co-develop targeted workshops, and as a facilitator and coach with individuals and groups who want to tap into different ways to be a good collaborator. 

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