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The Team

We exist to help the world smile.

At Hello Gorgeous, our goal is to help the world smile. We strive to create a safe and fun environment in order to coax out our inner Gorgeousness—aka our most confident, authentic, and awesome selves. They’re in there, and we’ll find ‘em. And once we do, we’ll capture your Gorgeousness in stunning imagery for the world to see.

We have a strong network of talented professionals who are highly regarded in their fields, each bringing client-centered care and empathy to the table. We’ll work with you to build the right support team to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

Katarina Kojic
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Creative Alchemist

Kat’s a photographer, Improv facilitator, and consultant with a penchant for connection. 


Over the past 21 years, Kat has trained, studied, and performed Improv and more with countless incredible people from the Groundlings, Second City, Improvolution, The Upright Citizens Brigade, The Pit, The Magnet, Improv Olympic, The Annoyance Theatre, and Curious Comedy. 


Working as a professional photographer for over 10 years showed Kat first hand how useful the empathetic skills she learned through Improv were and how they play a vital role in putting her subjects at ease and making things enjoyable for everyone while producing stellar work.


With a background in advertising and years of experience as an Art Director and Graphic Designer, she approaches each project with an open mind, an artful eye, and a focus on getting results.


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