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30 Days of Love:

Day 1 Luis&Ester

After my last 30 day challenge, I really wanted to continue. Actually the opposite, I didn’t want to stop. What is the difference? Semantics…

So after several theme ideas, including Fun (suggestion from my 9-year-old niece) I settled on 30 days of love. A good spam filter-sounding title. I’ve been asked what that means, what will it look like, is this love in action?? Everyday I will go out and find someone, someones, that says love to me. I decided about a week ago this would be my new theme and have observed my surroundings with it in mind all week. I’ll admit, I was a little stumped. Last week was a hard week, I found myself in a bad mood a lot, getting annoyed by people throwing their garbage on the ground, shoving past me on the escalator, the smell of urine. I love this city, but at times seeing love in the city is a challenge. So I am glad for my spirit for this new challenge. I am charged with finding love each and everyday in strangers. I don’t know exactly how it will manifest itself for me everyday. I want to continue to focus on people, on portraits, but there may be a bird in there every now and then. (another suggestion from my niece.)

Yesterday I decided to just start and see what happens. With my camera in tow, I rode down the east side, over the Brooklyn Bridge, past the Manhattan Bridge, around the Brooklyn Navy Yard, past the Williamsburg Bridge and thru Williamsburg. It was getting darker by the minute and I was starting to feel this new challenge was doomed. I rode past this dark park that would be called “Inspiration Point” on Happy Days. I pulled over and walked my bike down to the dark park overlooking an amazing view of Manhattan. Yep, coupled up people making out dotted the park. I was trying hard not to feel like a creepy intruder. The idea of climbing down to the rocks and saying, hey excuse me can I take a photo of you lovers? (that isn’t actually what I say… but how I pictured them hearing it.)

I was wheeling my bike thru the park and passed Luis massaging his wife’s feet. That looks like love to me. New York isn’t the cleanest city… I parked my bike and made my non-creepy approach. Explained the project…

Ester is partly deaf so Luis answered most of the questions, except for the ones that mattered. (*)

Name: Luis / Ester Age: 50 / 56 Profession: Retired Tech @ Animal Hospital / Retired Nurse Nationality / Origin: Puerto Rican came to US as a baby / Nuyorican (Puerto Rican born in NYC) Relationship to each other? Married How did you meet? Thru a female friend How long have you been together? 10 years What is your favorite thing about her? She’s a nice person, a really nice person. She knows how to cook. (*) What is your favorite thing about him? He’s romantic. I really love it when she… Caresses me (*) I really love it when he… sex is beautiful Why is she important to you? She is my life, makes me happy (*) Why is he important to you? He’s  a good man, a beautiful man, sexy, romantic

I can’t decide which moment I like better, the one just before they kiss… ©Katarina Kojic

or the moment they are kissing… ©Katarina Kojic

I didn’t ask them to do anything different for the photos. This is one couple that has kept their flame alive!




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