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The Ultimate Yes, And

Ever have an idea for something and then watch it slowly evaporate as you over analyze it, over complicate it, overperfect it, and predict every possible obstacle that could thwart it?

I know I have.

Waiting around for inspiration to strike is futile—mainly because the “inspiration” is usually outside of you, taking its sweet time to show up and sprinkle its magic on you and your projects. It’s wiser and more empowered (and more fun) to cultivate an inner source that can inspire one’s own creativity.

Hello Gorgeous Sign
I come across this message all the time out in the wild. This one was in a shop window in Missoula, MT

What if you could find inspiration in the smallest of places? What if you weren’t worried about failing?

Improv can help.

In your average Improv scene, we’ll get an audience suggestion and have to work it into the scene somehow. A song title can inspire a character or an object you may be “holding.”

Whatever it is, it’s important that whatever you choose, you and your scene partner lean into it and make it important. Like, really important. All in. That decision moment takes place in mere moments and serves as “inspiration” throughout the scene and sometimes for the whole show.

Don’t wait for inspiration to choose you—you choose inspiration.

There is no time for overthinking, so instead you ride the wave of creativity that comes from committing to an idea and running with it.

In the end, it may not be the best scene, and it’s even possible no one will laugh, but that’s not the point—the point is to go all in, just like your teammates, and spin weird ideas into gold.

This shared vulnerability—and responsibility—helps in developing both an environment and personal sense of psychological safety, where you can try without fear of failure and be supported by your team, turning “mistakes” into learning lessons that stay with you and help you grow.

It’s the inaction and overthinking that depletes our energy and keeps us from growing our ideas into something bigger than ourselves. ‘Yes, And’ing the smallest thing can lead to big results when you simply commit.

What have you been inspired by lately?


Hello Gorgeous exists to help the world smile. We design and lead improv workshops and portrait photography for teams and individuals to upshift their self-image, self-confidence and authentic connection with themselves and others. Book a free consultation to find out more here.


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