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Rainy Friday at the office.

Written by Marina Romashka.

I came this morning to the office wet soaked. The beautiful thing about my office at Sunshine Suites, is that you can wear pretty much anything and nobody will care. So without any hesitation I changed into my yoga pants. I had a life is-good moment and wanted to share it on Facebook but did not in case others weren’t feeling as overwhelmed with happiness about their workplace. Most days I do not care. Today was a rainy day and I already felt melancholic even though I was happy about wearing yoga pants in an office environment.

As the day unfolded I started feeling sadness– things started getting to me and it was one of those days when you have to stick around and do the work no matter how you feel. It’s one thing to do the work and another thing to be part of photoshoot which I promised my time and body for. I won’t lie and say that I do a lot of preparation for any Photoshoot but there is at least an excitement preparation – you think what to wear, do your hair, some additional make up and you are trying to be in a cheery mood. I had none of it and promised that I would .

I was dragging myself to it. When Kat gave me her first scenario, it was something very sad and serious and it was right on target with how I felt, so I did not have to pretend and play happy Mary.

The more we got down to the process, the more I started losing myself and eventually the sadness left me and I started enjoying the process and being goofy and we found the spot where everything fell into place. The business owner in yoga pants, sitting at the window and stretching before her next important meeting.

Life has it is own moods and ways to deal with them by putting us in different situations and places and Kat’s approach to photography always takes me out of a state and brings me back to me, really experiencing life here and now. Namaste.

Marina, An Idea Coach, stretches before a Skype meeting.

I asked Marina to think of a moment in her life when it took all her strength to get thru a difficult time. I didn’t realize she might be thinking of today. ©Katarina Kojic

“Think of the dumbest thing that always makes you laugh.” ©Katarina Kojic

Marina gets in the mood. ©Katarina Kojic

Marina’s goofy side. ©Katarina Kojic

Marina has a passion and a determination for life that she shares with everyone around her. Her business, “Be An iDEA Leader” brings direction and productivity to her clients’ ideas helping impossible ideas become soaring elephants ©Katarina Kojic


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