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Day 5 of Love:

Ian, Galileo, a Walk & a Cigar

“Nothing better than a long walk and a good cigar…” ©Katarina Kojic

…with “the greatest dog in the world. ” ©Katarina Kojic

Name: Ian / Galileo Age: 59 / 4 Profession: Dog Walker / Dog Nationality or Origin: Scottish, born on 72nd st / Italian Spinone How did you meet? My wife used to go to Central Park early in the morning and photograph the Mall when it empty. She would have to wait a long time and she got to know all the people and their dogs. She saw a dog like Galileo bounding across the grass and fell in love with the breed. When did you meet? We went to Indiana to pick her up when she was 8 weeks old. What is your favorite thing about him? Funny, smart, a big clown who is full of love. How long have you been smoking cigars? 10 years.

Photo was taken on Broadway and 73rd.


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