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Day 30 Stranger- Paul 63, Controller

Best Piece of Advice: “Stay Young” ©Katarina Kojic

“Don’t get old. Don’t be a stick in the mud.” ©Katarina Kojic

We were at the Great Lawn in Central Park with what seemed like every other New Yorker who hadn’t left the city for a vacation home. We were nibbling cheese, drinking wine, (unless it’s illegal to do that in the park, in which case we were drinking ginger ale) and waiting to hear the Philharmonic play. I was looking around for someone to photograph and I decided on the man sitting behind me. I looked at his wife and after a few questions, we realized we had been in an improv class together many years ago. In a sea of thousands, seeking out a stranger to photograph, I happened upon an old acquaintance and her husband. New York is a small town.

So on the very last day of my project, I may have cheated a bit. But that’s okay. I’ve decided to continue the project with a theme. To test out a theme idea on Love,  I asked Paul how they met. They laughed (or kind of groaned?) They were in an orchestra together. Gretchen still plays the Cello and Paul used to play the Viola. They were in a lawsuit together  and meeting to discuss the case was a good excuse to ask her out.


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