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Day 19 of Love

I met Vernard and Bradley around the corner from the Producer’s Club, during my 15 minute break between warm up and last night’s improv show. As I was choosing a spot (in front of Chipotle on 9th and 44th), these two guys walked by. Full of joy and clear affection for each other, I stopped them and asked if they would take part in my 30 days of Love.

Both Dancers and Choreographers, they met at Alvin Ailey. ©Katarina Kojic

Name: Vernard / Bradley Age: 36 / 32 Profession: Dancer slash Choreographer / Dancer slash Choreographer Nationality / Origin: Native African American (Grandfather was Cherokee) / South African -Greek, Dutch and British

Relationship to each other: Very close friends and getting closer How / where did you meet: At Alvin Ailey when I (Vernard) hit on him. And I (Bradley) let him. When did you meet: 1998 How long have you been together: Since then What is your favorite thing about Bradley: Wonderful spirit, always joyful and optimistic What is your favorite thing about your Vernard: His Smile. Actually just everything. I really love it when… Bradley smiles I really love it when… Vernard holds my hand. Why is Bradley important to you: It’s very rare you find good people and he’s just a good person. Why is Vernard important to you: He keeps me balanced. What does love mean to you Vernard? Love is… Love. What does love mean to you Bradley? Love is… Everything.


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