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Succeed- an on-going documentary project

How do you define success? Where did you learn about success? What are the keys to finding success? This project began because I was having a hard time deciding what to do professionally and after living in New York for 12 years, my definition of success was getting cloudy. I started by first determining what my own definition of success was and what kind of jobs I was interested in. Then I started interviewing people to find out about their job and how they were defining success. First with a tape recorder, then with my iPhone. The goal was to start filming the interviews and create a platform to share them. An interview with a producer (Tristan McAllister) facilitated filming a series of interviews in Portland, OR. Among the interviews, Thomas Lauderdale of The Pink Martinis and lifestyle blogger, Byron Beck. This edit is a compilation of their interviews, man-on-the-street interviews in Seattle and interviews with some of my family.


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