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Day 4 of Love:


This is what they looked like when I passed by. ©Katarina Kojic

Name: Nina / Christopher Age: 35 / 35 Profession: Policy Analyst / Economics Consultant Nationality or Origin: German / German Relationship to each other? Boyfriend-Girlfriend How did you meet? At University orientation When did you meet? 1998 How long have you been together? a little over a year

What is your favorite thing about him? He’s very happy, very spontaneous, if he has an idea he does it. He goes for what he wants. What is your favorite thing about her? She’s very talkative and happy

I really love it when he… Really smiles I really love it when she… starts talking enthusiastically about her day and telling stories

Why is SHE important to you (I made him go first this time)? She makes everything in life more fun. She supports me and you feel more whole in life when you get that support. We are planning a future together. Why is HE important to you? I’m very afraid of changes and he takes away my fears for the future. It’s the first time I’m not afraid

A kiss on the forehead has such a tenderness in it. ©Katarina Kojic


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