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Day 18 Stranger- Sho 25, Graphic & Fashion Designer at a sock & underwear co.

Sho’s Best Piece of Advice is from Adidas: The Impossible is Nothing.

I chose a spot based on a photo I saw online shot in 1937 by Beatrice Abbot on South 6th and Berry Streets in Williamsburg. (I think they meant Berenice Abbott)

I spotted Sho with his white shirt and yellow backpack and white bike and asked for his photograph. Originally from Japan, Sho moved to New York after graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from Cal Tech. His design influences? His old boss, Brent Rollins from Complex Magazine. Currently, Sho works as a designer for Etiquette Clothiers, where he is involved in choosing colors for the socks and underwear and creating the design for the tags etc… Nice work, check him out.

Sho and his yellow backpack. ©Katarina Kojic

Sho kindly making sure I don’t get run over. ©Katarina Kojic

Sho looks to the camera for a moment… ©Katarina Kojic

Shu looks away

And quickly looks away nervously. Most people are a little uncomfortable looking directly into the camera. ©Katarina Kojic

Sho laughing  ©Katarina Kojic


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