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Day 18 of Love

Love of Travel

Many years ago, Nina and Darryl went on a trip around the world, on a shoe string budget. Around the world for $4000. About 3 months into the trip, they were in a rickshaw in front of the Taj Mahal, and with the moonlight shining down, Darryl asked Nina to marry him. She said yes.

I asked if he had planned it before the trip. Nope. “Yeah right,” says Nina. After spending so much time together, day and night for months and months, and still wanting to be around each other… well he knew he had found the right person.

Nina asked if he wanted to tell what happened the next morning. “No,” replied Darryl. The next morning, he offered that they didn’t have to tell anyone yet, in case by the end of the trip, they changed their minds. Seems he was a little rattled by his spontaneous question.

They obviously didn’t change their minds and after 37 years, you can see they still adore each other.

Darryl and Nina tell me the story of the morning after their engagement. ©Katarina Kojic

Name: Darryl / Nina Age: 70 / 67 Profession: Retired High School Social Studies Teacher / Retired School District Librarian (aka. Media Specialist) Nationality / Origin: Born in Delaware -Mother German, Dad Polish / Italian born in NYC

Relationship to each other: Husband and Wife How / where did you meet: Working in the same school district When did you meet: 1969 How long have you been together: Married for 37 years. What is your favorite thing about Nina: She is good at everything she attempts and is full of surprises What is your favorite thing about your Darryl: He’s a WONDERFUL father. (and as a husband) He loves me despite all of my faults. I really love it when… she stands up for herself, (which is frequently)- She does not suffer fools lightly. I really love it when… he tries to tell a joke. Why is Nina important to you: She is like my guiding star. She’s very supportive and has total faith in me, I think. Why is Darryl important to you: Because he’s my soul. What does love mean to you Darryl? Love is… Pain upon separation. What does love mean to you Nina? Love is… Having no bounds. Unconditional love.


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