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Day 14 Stranger: Julianna 33, Health Care Advocate, Andre, International Affairs (not CIA), and Remy

Very late last night, pushing midnight, I went out to find my photo for the day. It didn’t occur to me, as I walked toward the Citibank building which is in a pretty deserted area at that hour, that the average person would be extra suspicious of someone wanting to take their photo at that hour. Especially the Citibank executive I asked who was exiting the building. He agreed until I asked him for his last name. He didn’t trust me when I said I wouldn’t publish his last name. So I waited a little while to see who else might walk by. A couple I had passed earlier walked by with their dog and I stopped them to ask. They were definitely suspicious. They asked why I chose this area. I explained that I live just down the block… They exchanged the “check-in” glances couples give each other before totally agreeing. After a few questions, we realized we live in the same building.

A windy night Julianna, Andre and Remy ©Katarina Kojic

Julianna is a Health Care Advocate (aka Lobbyist for a non-profit) and Andre’s job was complicated to explain. He insisted he wasn’t CIA, instead choosing International Affairs as the best way to describe his work. But he did insist he really wasn’t CIA. ©Katarina Kojic


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