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Improv + photography

The ultimate combo!


Life is one big Improv, so
you might as well learn to play.


Show the world your best self.

Improv for teams
*Being funny is not a requirement, and no previous experience needed.

Learning the
     Basics & Having Fun

Working remotely has minimized the chances for spontaneous interactions and laughter. Fewer impromptu "water cooler" chats and fewer chances of getting to know each other in the workplace means that it's more difficult than ever to get a deep bond built between teammates.


Create winning chemistry for your group with a fun hour of improvisational games and exercises. Get your team feeling closer and see improvement to important basics like effective communication and listening.​ Your group will be led through fun, easy improv games to blow off steam, let go, share lots of laughs, and get that ‘hang out after work vibe’ going again.

The workshop is fully interactive and participation is required, no observers. 

Encourage your team to come with an open mind and ready to play! 

Let's talk!

Email us or book a consultation to learn more.

Creating Positive
   Feedback Loops

The Inner Critic is a survival instinct that keeps us from being spontaneous and feeling secure to give and receive honest feedback. The only antidote is play!

Play is vital for creativity and it also silences our inner critic. In this energizing workshop, your team will take part in a series of Improv exercises, interspersed with short personal and group reflections. Everyone will be led through a series of fun games and exercises which practice resilience, adaptability, listening and collaborating in different ways. Activities have been carefully selected and sequenced to help build and exercise our under-developed ‘vulnerability muscles.’
Participants of this workshop often report a feeling of increased confidence to take more personal risks, feeling safer when being vulnerable with others, being better and more emotionally attuned listeners, and being more open to giving and receiving honest feedback.

Let's talk!

Email us or book a consultation to learn more.

A Customized 
Tailored for
   Your Team

If you are a larger group, or if you have an existing offsite into which you want to incorporate a new kind of team-building (like improv!) or have something else in mind, we can customize our sessions to compliment your existing session or goals. The sky’s the limit!
Let's meet and discuss the specifics and see how improv can help with morale, connection, trust and growth.
Workshops can be done either virtually or in person for large or small teams.


Let's talk!

Email us or book a consultation to learn more.


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