Photography Services 

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branded portraits

When you are your brand.

Presenters, leaders, writers, speakers, makers…

What do you want to express & 

share with the world? 

  • Deep dive strategy call​

  • Mood Board

  • Pre-production call

  • 2-4 hrs photoshoot

  • 2-3 locations

  • Unlimited wardrobe changes

  • Review & Select images together

  • Basic Coloring/Retouching

  • Create up to 275 images + b roll



Enquire for group pricing.

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personal portraits

For this moment in life.

Exactly where you are is worth celebrating.

  • Creative brainstorm session

  • Mood Board

  • Pre-photoshoot call

  • 1-2 hrs photoshoot / 2-4 hours photoshoot

  • 1 location / 2-3 locations

  • 2-3 wardrobe changes / Unlimited changes

  • Review & Choose Session together

  • Basic Coloring/Retouching

  • Create up to 90 Images / 200 images + b roll


$2600 / $5000​​

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TEAM portraits

To Add Personality to Your Business.

Group or Individual Booking available.

Min of 3 people for group pricing.


  • Individual Headshot(s)

  • Group Team Photos

  • C-Suite Sessions

  • Recurring sessions every 3-6-12 months 

  • Combo of above

Whether you are one person needing a headshot, a small group of friends who each need headshots, or a large company who every few months has a batch of new people needing their photos taken, we can create authentic headshots and business portraits you will feel great about.

Starting at $1500 

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To capture the spontaneous & 

unexpected joys & challenges

of daily life.


Your own private photographer will shadow you like a butterfly, capturing you in your various environments, your activities, quiet moments and interactions with others in your life throughout the day, documentary style. 


  • Strategy session to determine needs and logistics of what will be covered.

  • Up to six (6) hours of “Day-in-Your-Life” documentary style photography

  • You choose the hours (2 hr min per session)

  • You choose the meeting place.

  • Up to 300 images will be created in total

  • Files will be available within 3 business days after each session.

See how people operate. For User or Customer Journey, Case studies, Adoption applications, New Business Pitches


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Interested in both improv & photography?
Click to schedule a discovery call..