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Virtual Improv Drop-in

On-going, weekly,

Tuesdays, 3-4pm PT

Sign-up limited 15 people


Curious about improv for the first time or you are a seasoned pro and want to join for an hour of play with new faces, all are welcome. 


You'll be led through different games, warm-ups and exercises to invigorate you, loosen up your brain and leave you laughing, feeling supported and refreshed.


Class content is adjusted based on attendance.

Come open & curious.

• Learn how to get out of your own way
• Lots of fun, even if you are shy.
• Get out of a funk, depression, anxiety tornado
• Laugh and be supported
• Becoming more empathetic
• Collaboration and co-creation

Open to all levels of experience


improv for life skills

8-Week Virtual Class

Wednesdays, 530-730pm PT

Starts Aug 4th

Limited to 10


Get out of your head.

Connect to others.

Boost your confidence. 

Over the course of this fun and highly interactive 8-week course we will focus on different skills and tool sets acquired through the art of improvisation-


- like getting better at listening, collaborating and gaining understanding of new ways to connect with others to take on life with confidence, openness and energy.


for solopreneurs

Bi-Monthly 90-minute Workshop

Next one:

Thursday,  July 22nd,  1-230pm PT

Limited to 20 spots


You aren't alone. 

Remember what it felt like to do something spontaneous with people you've just met? 


Something to let loose, be creative and have fun...with zero expectations for the outcome.


A new kind of networking event. 

Be lead thru improv games and exercises that will have you feeling good, feeling a little challenged, and filling that cup we all have to be seen by others.


Improv is the scariest thing ever.


But, imagine going out on a limb, thinking you messed up but instead...

team morale-boosting. energizing.

For groups of up to 20

60 minutes 

Open booking


Create winning chemistry for your team or group.

Spontaneous, spur of the moment interactions are in short supply.


Everyone could use a little zing in their usual work week.

  • Be lead through fun, easy improv games to blow off steam, let go & play together

  • Share lots of laughs, & get that ‘hang out after work vibe’ going again

  • Get your team feeling closer & see improvement to important basics like effective communication and listening.


To see how improv could help address specific team challenges

or to discuss customized workshops schedule a consultation.

If you are interested in both improv & photography,
schedule a discovery.