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improv for life skills

8-Week Virtual Class

Wednesdays, 530-730pm PT

Starts Aug 4th

Limited to 10


Get out of your head.

Connect to others.

Boost your confidence. 

Over the course of this fun and highly interactive 8-week course we will focus on different skills and tool sets acquired through the art of improvisation-


- like getting better at listening, collaborating and gaining understanding of new ways to connect with others to take on life with confidence, openness and energy.

Each week you'll be led through different games, warm-ups and exercises which you will be delighted and challenged by.

After the first class you may even notice a 5% increase in bravery after a 100% increase in silliness.

Over 8 weeks you'll gain a feeling of giving and getting support.


This class will invigorate you, challenge you and work up your brain to learn new ways to:

co-create, co-exist, co-work, co-llab, co-parent, co-care, co-live.


Some outcomes:

  • Becoming more empathetic

  • Collaboration and co-creation

  • Learn how to get out of your own way

  • Lots of fun, even if you are shy.

  • Get out of a funk, depression, anxiety tornado

  • Laugh and be supported

Sign up here.

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If you are facing specific challenges with your team and see how improv

could help, schedule a consultation here to discuss customized workshops. 

If you are interested in both improv & photography,
you can schedule a discovery call here.


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