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Are you as confident in how you present yourself as you are in your work?

 Katarina Kojic   brings out the gorgeousness in everyone she works with. Her goals, natural curiosity and empathy lead her to find, illuminate and give voice to their best authentic version and empowers them, their team, or their brand through photography and improv workshops.


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 to realize   how amazing 

 you are? 

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 When do 



 the full you? 


 Is your humility   getting in the way   of your success? 

“Photography & improv?”,

you might be thinking...

The way I see it, we have all this wonderful, juicy, interesting stuff inside of us that needs to be brought out for the world to see. Especially if we need the world to see who we really are in order to get our message across, tell our story, connect with loved ones, or if we’re a personal brand. This is your gorgeousness.


Your gorgeousness is the energy of what makes you unique and beautiful on the inside manifested on the outside, presented for the world to see. It’s what draws people to you. Where beauty sits on the outside, gorgeous comes from within and becomes beautiful. And compelling. Ah, yes, compelling. What makes you gorgeous is irresistible.


As a first generation American and youngest child of a Serbian father and German mother, I was always looking for the quirky character traits in my surroundings. It’s what drew me to street photography, art direction, graphic design and improv comedy. The juxtaposition of beauty and humor is captivating to me because the truth is, we all have all these parts of ourselves. Looking back, hours of staring at old photos of family members from a foreign land made me insatiably curious. Playing dress up as a little girl allowed me to explore the expressions of the different characters within me. Always a story waiting to be told.


It’s the details that tell the story which make it relatable, truthful, intriguing and gorgeous. It’s how an image or a story is framed, cropped, structured and presented that tells the story you want to share. This is how to bring out someone’s gorgeousness. I have found photography and improv to be the two best ways to do that.


Kaah-tAah-ree-naah   Ko-yeeeCH


Katarina Kojic

Photo taken by Suzanna Tharian

 meet the team 

Kat will bring in the support team as needed for each project. She has been lucky to work with the best and collaboration is a key component to elevating the project with hair, makeup, stylists, assistants, and co-facilitators who are highly regarded professionals in their field and who carry the same client focussed care, empathy and work ethic she brings to the table.  


Katarina kojic


For the last 12 years, working as a professional photographer, Katarina has seen the usefulness of being adaptable and collaborative and using improv to put her clients at ease and make the experience enjoyable and fun while producing the work they need. Her Advertising background and years of experience as an art director and designer means she comes to all her projects with a 360 degree minded approach.

Member and former Vice President of the New York Chapter of the American Society of Media Photography.

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Photo by Thomas Donley

Kat Kojic

Improv Consultant

Over the past 19 years, Kat has trained and performed with many of the major improv players and trainers in NYC, Chicago, and Portland;  HB Studios, Improvolution, The Upright Citizens Brigade, The Pit, The Magnet, IO, The Annoyance Theatre, Second City, and Curious Comedy.

She has seen how improv makes space for people to practice vulnerability and openness and bring forth the skills of resilience and adaptability in a really fun and engaging way. She works as an improv consultant, facilitator, and coach for individuals and teams who want to improve their chemistry, flow and tap into their natural abilities for collaboration.


Prior to her first improv class, Kat was already channeling the “Yes And” motto of improv to navigate the world of design and advertising as a creative and for many years as a freelancer when she could be working with a different company, a different team or different product monthly, weekly or daily and survival meant learning to adapt and contribute as quickly as possible.

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Kat is a thoughtful, brilliant, purposeful designer whose breadth of ability, application and execution is truly inspiring. I've worked with her on many project types. Most recently an offsite to inspire and spark core passion projects within my team. She lead our kick off portion of the meeting through a series of improv inspired exercises that reinforced our supportive environment unearthed our passions, invigorated brainstorming, and ultimately lead to a strong planning session. We will forever remember and reference the red ball:)

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