3 ways to get photographs which empower you & your team.

people tell us they haven't like photos of themselves in the past & that they don't like getting their photos taken, but know they need better photos.

We believe if we make it a good experience good photos will follow. So, we like to treat our clients like a celebrity. We hope you're ok with that.

1. Headshot & Natural Portraits


You're living a big life and focussing on the high level.


How might a great headshot energize your path to greatness?

We've got your back. 

How do we help you put your best foot forward in your photos?

  • Consultation Call

  • Groomer

  • Photo Session

  • 2 set ups

  • 2 looks

  • 2 final retouched shots



$750 / pp for groups of 3+

2. Customized Portraits

&/or Lifestyle Photos.

Empathy is the new currency.


To whom are your customers connecting? 


We all have more than one side to ourselves and more than one interest.

How might we capture a range of lifestyle & portrait photography 

which represent your authentic self and empower you in your pursuits?


  • Deep dive strategy call​

  • Co-create Art direction & Vision

  • Pre-production call

  • Groomer on set

  • 2-3 locations

  • Portrait session

  • Day in the Life photos (optional)

  • Unlimited wardrobe changes 

  • Styling consultation & preparation assistance

  • Review & Select images together

  • Basic Coloring/Retouching on Key photos included.

  • 5 Final key photos or moments 

  • Up to 100 Similars, Behind-the-Scenes & Day in Life photos.

$4900 / pp

3. Mise en Scene Day


What do you want to express & 

share with the world? 

…Call us & we’ll put up a custom experience for the team & get those executive shots out of the way. 

  • Executive Team-building workshop

  • Customized Portraits

  • Book Consultation &
    Deep dive strategy call​

  • Co-create Art direction & Vision

  • Pre-production call

  • Hello Gorgeous Squad:​​

    • Art Direction

    • Personal styling

    • Groomer

    • Props

  • Environment / Location 
    (we’ll meet you at your boat if you want.)

Call for Pricing.


Available add-ons

Additional B-Roll / documentary / behind the scenes images

Hair & Makeup Artist

Clothing / Prop Stylist

Prop Sourcing

Specialized Retouching

Specialized Location Scouting

Additional Locations

Additional Shooting Days

Additional Images

Specialized Prop/Product Shots 


Interested in both improv & photography?
Click to schedule a discovery call..