We now live in an empathy  economy.  #understandshift

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Kat notes:
-authenticity economy
-what is the hashtag going to? -are you going to support it by using it?

We are living in a different era

customer centric
relationship centric

Kat notes to self or dev:
-add source to medium,
-lay this information out differently to grasp quickly
-is there a different headline option
-employees and customers want to be understood and employers need their employees to be able to pivot and have soft skills like 


 In the last 15 years,
52% of the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared.

Kat notes:
Show There’ll Be Winners and Losers (how can I show this?)

-is this the right information here?
-add source?

other options;
shifting from home to office and back again

what stats are there related to the last 2 years- social / work / healthcare

companies that are able to adapt quickly are more likely to grow and change more easily with the times. Yes And  self care built-into their culture have out performed …(is this true? how do I find a statistic that is 

Supporting others so they can see the best version of themselves. When people see the best in themselves they are inspired to see the best in others and reflect it back to them. It’s a loop. 

authenticity Economy. How you show up when no one else is watching. The trick is that the experience of meeting the brand is the same everywhere. There is a

Avg life expectancy of a company
in 1955, 75 years 
in 2015, 15 years

Delta: No middle seat bookings.

Delta’s revenue was 12% higher than the average of American, United & Southwest combined.

Even with 9% fewer seats to sell than its competitors had,

slide 4: Unilever Buys Dollar Shave Club
European giant to pay $1 billion for startup in challenge to P&G

source: HBR

Understanding their customer's need for feeling of safety, Delta’s quick response to the pandemic illustrates how a large-scale, complex organization can lean into its strengths and effect major change in rather short order.

Delta’s overall Net Promoter Score also skyrocketed to an all-time high, demonstrating that its long-term focus paid dividends.

The lesson: A company’s capacity for change matters. A lot.

Slide 5: IBM  Bob Dylan + Watson From punch card tabulators to cognitive data services

Google + Improv

Kat notes: 

source: HBR

Slide 6: What is the common thread? winners adopt the subscription models that zuora supports. (ibm began to offer subscriptions rather than outright ownership.)

What is the common thread?

slide 7:  customers now expect the subscription experience.
-on going value
-memorable experience
-immediate full-fillment
-anywhere, real time
-personalized moments

Kat notes: 
-Who am I talking to? Consultants, HR dept, CDs 
-What is the ultimate product I am selling?

- Authentic headshots
- Higher team morale
- Energized
- Winning team chemistry
- Increased creative potential
- Feedback-rich culture
- Innovation

Is this split into 2 slides?
-don't like getting their 
-Customers now expect companies to understand them and to share values. They purchase when they know, like and trust you…
- ...now expect companies to be able to demonstrate an understanding of their needs and to desire shared values.
who experience vulnerability together.

Instead, first present a “teaser” vision of the happily-ever-after that your product/service will help the prospect achieve—what I call the Promised Land. the Promised Land is a new future state, not your product or service.

People are motivated by
what they trust, 
trust what they like, and
like what they know.

Employees perform at a higher level when they experience psychological safety in their work environment. 

was: subscriber identity - structure of it's own customer record - laying out the traditional record of collected info compared to what you get with subscribers #dataisgold

How might you achieve psychological safety any environment?

source: google

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Kat is a thoughtful, brilliant, purposeful designer whose breadth of ability, application and execution is truly inspiring.


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Most recently an offsite to inspire and spark core passion projects within my team.


She lead our kick off portion of the meeting through a series of improv inspired exercises that reinforced our supportive environment, unearthed our passions, invigorated brainstorming, and ultimately lead to a strong planning session.


We will forever remember and reference the red ball:)

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