Do your photos reflect the best version of you?

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Is your team connecting
& feeling connected?

We help mid to large-sized organizations unleash hidden potential, improve team chemistry and confidence, and create  portraits which highlight and celebrate their contributions to the work and team.

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improv & Photography services


Team-Morale Boosting Energizing improv hour

HEADSHOT photography
Get your team connected and their brains warmed up before a bigger brainstorm or ideation session.

Get team headshots that allow them to feel seen, boost morale and empower them to do their best work.

60 min workshop (Virtual or In Person)

On-set Groomer

20 min photo session per person at your offices.

1 new headshot of each team member.

*photos can be done on the same day as the workshop or you can book them for a separate day.


Workshop: Skills for Creating a Feedback-Rich Culture

customized portraits

Group photo
In the workshop participants will take part in a series of improv exercises, interspersed with short personal and group reflections. Activities have been carefully selected and sequenced to help build and exercise ‘vulnerability muscles.’

After the workshop, participants typically report increased confidence at taking more personal risks, feeling safer when vulnerable, being better and more emotionally attuned listeners, and being more open to feedback.

Is your team the face of your company? Photographs that represent both who they are and are aligned to your company brand are powerful marketing tools. We'll run a short exercise to get input for the customized portraits we'll do of the team. In separate conversations with your creative team, we'll then work towards building a branded look for your company portraits, and bring it to life during a dynamic photoshoot with each team member.

2 hour workshop (Virtual or In Person)

On-set Groomer

Set Stylist

30 min photo session per person.

2 new headshots for each person at your offices.
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Workshop: Fully customized leadership workshop

Day of photography for c-suite portraits

we'll create a custom experience for a day they'll never forget.
​We are about creating a culture where open dialogue, exchange of ideas and critique are the norm.

Through experience and reflection get team leaders to appreciate the benefits of the improv workshop, understand why & how it works, and how it fits within the broader set of methods for creating a feedback-rich / psychologically safe environment.


Customized Improv Workshop

Customized C-Suite Photoshoot

Hair and Makeup, Personal Styling and  Prop Stylist 

Environment / Location
(we’ll meet you at your boat if you want.)

Portfolio of images