American Immigrant Project

As a direct response to the Immigrant ban, photographer and HelloGorgeous.NYC Creative Director, Katarina Kojic and Big Idea Lab’s Marina Romashko started the American Immigrant Project. With a goal of giving a voice and story to the many amazing people in their lives who are American immigrants, their first collaboration naturally was a women's calendar. As it is the middle of the year and not a lot of people are buying calendars, we quickly adjusted and created a mini coffee table book.

The American Immigrant Project is about sharing stories one person at time and celebrating immigrants, to remind us all that immigrants are loved, wanted here, and make up the fabric of this country. This book serves as a reminder of the many variations of the immigrant story and is the perfect first medium to feature our American immigrant women. 

All proceeds of the from the sale of the books, will be donated to the ACLU and similar organizations. We were so inspired by the results of the ACLU in action, and when we decided to do this project, we knew we wanted to donate proceeds to them. We weren't the only ones who had the idea to donate to the ACLU, which is amazing. We've since learned of other similar organizations with a lower profile and wanted to help them as well. We include the name of the organization we donated to with the purchase of your book.

Buy this book to give hope to immigrants wanting to live the American dream.


Mini Coffee Table Book

A beautiful Mini Coffee Table book of amazing women who shared their immigrant stories with us. As a response to the immigrant ban we gathered everyone in 1 day to photograph them and share their stories. This book represents the fruits of that day. Proceeds from this edition will go the ACLU. 

This 6 inch square, 60-page Softcover Book is printed with ink certified to resist fading for more than 200 years, and is printed in vivid color on 100 lb, acid-free, satin coating paper. All of the papers and inks are made in the U.S.A.

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