"You are twice the artist! Not only can you visualize and put together a look, scene or story that is cooler than anything I could have ever imagined myself, you are also an amaazing photographer. The results of our shoot had everyone gushing over me, where I was only the muse in the hands of the very very talented Kat Ko-eeech." -Suzanna

"I was transposed to Studio 54 for a morning - getting glammed up and imagining what it would be like to have been like dancing all night with Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol. It was hard work - which is why my favorite part was collapsing on the fur rug.  You made me feel comfortable doing something out of my element - a real experience miles away from my ordinary life." -Nada


"My day working with Kat was one i did not want to end! She put me at ease in front of the camera… Being fussed over by hair and makeup and the enthusiasm and encouragement on set made me wonder, Is this what it's like to be a star? It was fun, luxurious, and certainly out of my everyday. It was fun going from modern, downtown party girl to a sultry, French woman from another era, for example. Kat thinks of each look as its own narrative, so it was more than pose, point, and click. Instead, in each look I was in another world—and the star of it. The images turned out amazing. They're thoughtful, artistic and provocative. My twitter, facebook and, er, online dating profiles are a notch above the rest now. And I must admit, I've never ever gotten so many "thumbs ups" or comments for a photo as one that I used as a profile from my day shooting with Kat! In this digital age where I'm very much out there online both socially and professionally, it's important that I have a repertoire of photos I can call upon to put my best foot forward virtually. I couldn't have asked for more flattering, interesting, and quality group of photos to have and to hold and to post and to share. Thank you Kat!" -Orli 


"Love the photos! It was very fun to go over them with all the girls. Thanks again! It will be a day I'll never forget!" -Dana 

"It was an amazing experience!" - Rebecca